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"I Charge Extra For That" Rates Workshop$97

Rate transparency starts here: it’s FINALLY time that we band together, learn what goes into pricing brand partnerships, and push brands to pay creators and influencers fairly. Get the EXACT cheat sheet directly from an influencer manager and price like a PRO!

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The truth behind the $10 CPM “industry standard”

Why rates are fluid (and why you should toss out your rate sheet)

The breakdown of what goes into pricing your services (so you can confidently defend it)

How to price for Instagram, TikTok and UGC

What you can charge extra for and how much to charge for them (usage rights, exclusivity, etc.)


The rates workshop (access through our Teachable portal)

Worksheets and a checklist to figure out your rates for brand partnerships

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MEET YOUR COACH: hi, i'm naomi!

I'm an online educator, lifestyle content creator and microinfluencer based in NYC with an audience of over 120,000 across the world wide web. I'm also a talent agent over at Boost Society, where I help influencers negotiate their collaborations. I love helping creators, bloggers and influencers to not only monetize their influence online, but also create impact that drives change and have a fully-realized influential business.

In the last 4 years, I've brought in $165,000+ in brand partnerships as a microinfluencer, and have helped my clients and students secure $1.3 million+ in the last 2  1/2 years.